d e s i g n e r
p o r t f o l i o
n e w   w o r k s
i n   w o r k
d r a w i n g s
n e w s
i n q u i r i e s
h o m e

    ....complex simplicity....a design statement!

Metals and gemstones are the creations of Nature, an amazing combination of physics and geometry! They are things of beauty in their natural states, and dazzling in their finished form, raw materials for the creation of lasting art and beauty.

I design from a backward approach. Rather than finding gems to go in my design, the gems speak to me in the form of design. They choose their own expression! I choose my subjects for their color, their brilliance and their shape-they jump out at me wanting to become even more than they already are-products of the earth and the skill of the cutter. I then have the honor of creating something to adorn another of Nature's beautiful creations!

Contact Dana at dana@complexsimplicity.com.


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